Collaboration to Drive the Future of 3D Printing

Freemelt AB, a deep-tech company, has partnered with WEAREAM in Italy to revolutionize the realm of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology. Their collaboration aims to unleash the full potential of 3D printing for the serial production of industrial applications through the implementation of eMELT-iD.

WEAREAM, headquartered in Lombardy, Italy, is a renowned Center of Excellence with extensive knowledge and experience in 3D printing. The northern region of Italy has been a hotbed for early adopters and innovative companies at the forefront of research, design, and engineering in the industrialization of 3D printing. With strong support from the Italian State and the European Union in terms of funding and resources, this collaboration holds immense promise.

To expedite the development and industrialization of 3D printing, WEAREAM will integrate an eMELT-iD machine into their facilities, scheduled to commence production in July 2024. This strategic partnership signifies a perfect match between Freemelt and WEAREAM. By combining their expertise and establishing competence and application centers, they aim to support industrial companies in their transition towards more innovative manufacturing technologies, particularly 3D printing.

Through this collaboration, Freemelt and WEAREAM seek to unlock the full potential of high-tech solutions based on new materials and the latest additive manufacturing technologies. With their complementary strengths, they aspire to serve the market effectively, support clients, and drive the adoption of these advanced solutions throughout the industry.

The eMELT technology, powered by E-PBF (Electron Powder Bed Fusion), is poised to take a significant step forward in establishing Freemelt as a leading technology for innovative serial production in industrial applications. WEAREAM’s long-standing expertise in E-PBF technology ensures that the eMELT technology will deliver effective industrial production, particularly for demanding applications where new materials and cutting-edge technologies will make a substantial difference.

This collaboration between Freemelt and WEAREAM paves the way for the future of 3D printing, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and propelling it towards unprecedented innovation and excellence.

Q: What is the goal of the partnership between Freemelt AB and WEAREAM?
A: The goal of the partnership is to revolutionize the realm of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology and unleash its full potential for industrial applications.

Q: Where is WEAREAM headquartered?
A: WEAREAM is headquartered in Lombardy, Italy.

Q: What kind of support does this collaboration receive from the Italian State and the European Union?
A: This collaboration receives strong support from the Italian State and the European Union in terms of funding and resources.

Q: When is WEAREAM scheduled to commence production with the eMELT-iD machine?
A: WEAREAM is scheduled to commence production in July 2024.

Q: What is the eMELT technology?
A: The eMELT technology is powered by E-PBF (Electron Powder Bed Fusion) and is a high-tech solution for industrial production in 3D printing.

– 3D printing: A manufacturing process that creates three-dimensional objects by layering materials based on a digital model.
– Industrial applications: The use of technology or processes for commercial or manufacturing purposes.
– E-PBF: Electron Powder Bed Fusion, a technology used in 3D printing that involves melting and layering powdered materials using an electron beam.
– Additive manufacturing: Another term for 3D printing, refers to the process of building objects by adding layers of materials.

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